Production technology of automobile flame retardant Conduit

Automotive flame retardant bellows are widely used in the automotive industry, and the production process of this bellows is more complex, including heat treatment, surface treatment, shaping process and stable treatment process. If you want the flame retardant bellows to have good elastic properties, heat treatment is an indispensable process. Heat treatment of bellows can eliminate work hardening in the manufacturing process, restore the plasticity of flame retardant bellows, and strengthen the material to obtain elasticity. The heat treatment of [...]

Introduction of Heat shrink tube

The main material of the heat shrink tubing is plastic, of which EVA is a common material, has a shape memory function, and can shrink along the radial when heated, mainly used in the link of power and communication cables, various types of metal and non-metal pipe connection, various types of electronic components insulation and multi-strand wire tying, etc. Communication, petroleum, chemical, computer, light industry, medical, food and aviation parts have been widely used. Heat shrink pipe, in addition to [...]

Nylon cable ties FAQ 尼龙扎带常见问题

尼龙扎带常见问题 Common problems of nylon cable ties Why are cable ties easy to break in winter? Answer: Because of the low temperature and low humidity in winter, it is easy to cause the dehydration phenomenon of the nylon cable tie, which causes the cable tie to become brittle and easy to break. Why do cable ties tend to have insufficient tension in summer? Answer: Because of the high temperature and high humidity in summer, the more water absorption of the nylon cable tie, the softer [...]

Corrugated tube FAQ

波纹管常见问题 Common problems of corrugated tube Why does the PP corrugated tube have white substance precipitated out after long storage? Answer: The high content of flame retardant will cause the flame retardant to separate out for a long time. This is a normal phenomenon in the industry and does not affect the performance of the PP corrugated tube. It can be used with confidence Q:Why is the length of PA corrugated tube longer when stored in places with high air humidity? Answer: The material [...]

Heat Shrink Tube FAQ

热缩套管常见问题 Heat Shrink Tube FAQ 1 Q: How to choose heat shrink tool and pay attention to the problem? Answer: A uses an oven; B uses an industrial hot blower; C uses boiling water. After a lot of experiments, we found that the heat shrinkable tube produced by our company shrinks quickly and can save energy for customers. It is recommended to choose the oven (there are two types of sealed thermostat and tunnel oven). The temperature can be set at 120℃~150℃, [...]