Introduction of Heat shrink tube

The main material of the heat shrink tubing is plastic, of which EVA is a common material, has a shape memory function, and can shrink along the radial when heated, mainly used in the link of power and communication cables, various types of metal and non-metal pipe connection, various types of electronic components insulation and multi-strand wire tying, etc. Communication, petroleum, chemical, computer, light industry, medical, food and aviation parts have been widely used.

Heat shrink pipe, in addition to connection reliability, environmental stress cracking resistance, high and low temperature resistance, solvent resistance, ultraviolet resistance, biological corrosion resistance, and service life have higher requirements, so more crosslinked polyethylene as raw material processing, heat shrink pipe performance is divided into ordinary type, conductive type, semi-conductive type, flame retardant type.

The inner wall of the heat shrink pipe used for communication cables and various pipe connections is coated with a layer of hot melt adhesive with EVA as the main material. When heated, the hot melt of the inner layer melts, thus achieving sealing and increasing the connection strength.

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