Corrugated tube FAQ

波纹管常见问题 Common problems of corrugated tube

  1. Why does the PP corrugated tube have white substance precipitated out after long storage?

Answer: The high content of flame retardant will cause the flame retardant to separate out for a long time.

This is a normal phenomenon in the industry and does not affect the performance of the PP corrugated

tube. It can be used with confidence

  1. Q:Why is the length of PA corrugated tube longer when stored in places with high air humidity?

Answer: The material of PA corrugated tube is mainly nylon material. Nylon material is easy to absorb

water and grow longer. It is easier to absorb water and grow when stored in a place with high air humidity.

Nylon needs 1-3 months to balance the moisture absorption, and the moisture absorption can reach

2.5% of the total weight. We recommend storing the product in an environment with a humidity of 55-75%

(15℃-25℃)Store the product for at least 30 days before use.

  1. Q:To test the flame retardancy of the corrugated tube, is it to burn the pipe directly or use a test block?

Answer: According to UL94, 2408, 8410 flame retardant standards, the flame retardant test of corrugated

tube should use sample blocks

  1. Q:Why is the PA corrugated tube harder in winter?

Answer: Because of the low temperature and low humidity in winter, the PA corrugated pipe is easy to be

dehydrated, resulting in the overall rigidity of the corrugated pipe.

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