PVC Shrinking Tube

PVC Shrinking Tube

◆  2:1 Very high shrink ratio

◆ Voltage:8-15KV

◆ Shrink temperature: 130±5ºC

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PVC Heat Shrink Wrap Tube

PVC heat shrink tubing is a thin wall, low cost material offering good electrical and mechanical characteristics. When exposed to heat in excess of 98 degree for a few seconds, the specially formulated Polyvinyl Chloride material will shrink rapidly and uniformly conforming to the shape of the object to be covered. Applications include insulation and jacketing of batteries, Capacitors and similar objects-a vast range of applications in the production of industrial equipment, toys, sporting goods, electronics, and consumer products.

Material Structure
PVC heat shrinkable tubing,produced with excellent and environmental protective PVC material, treated by evaporation,
then extruded to tubing when heated up and liquated by extruding machine, and coiling packed after cooling.


PVC heat shrinkable tubing possesses excellent flexibility, mechanical and dielectric capability, flame resistance, low temperature shrinkage etc. It is widely applied in outside insulating protection of outgoing wires of electrical appliances,motors, sensors and transformers, bunchy wires and electronic components, gaseous, liquid pipelines etc.