• Temperature range :-40℃ -350 ℃
    Temperature resistance value: +450℃
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Expandable high temperature reinforced glass fiber sleeve

Product Introduction:

Good oil and chemical resistance; Halogen-free, flame retardant, tear resistance; It is extensible; Good high temperature resistance, the increase of convex reinforcement is more conducive to heat dissipation and weather resistance. Products meet UL1441 part of the standard, SGS environmental protection requirements.

Product application:

The product is suitable for heat dissipation, heat insulation and protection of the exhaust and return pipes of automobile engines. Automotive wiring harness, motor, mechanical and electrical equipment, household appliances, electric heating equipment, high temperature energy-saving lamps, electronic instruments and electrical equipment and other internal power pipeline flame retardant, heat insulation protection.

Product material:

  • It is made of alkali-free glass fiber yarn and reinforced steel, and is specially treated by silicon-acrylic polymer
  • Physical and chemical properties:
  • Temperature range :-40℃ -350 ℃
    Temperature resistance value: +450℃
  • Temperature resistance class :C class Self-extinguishing: VW-1
  • Scalability: In order to facilitate installation, HCG-X series products can be expanded to 1:1.4

Thermal radiation property

  • 1. The radiant hot air value is 1250℉, the surface coloring has no obvious color change or the composite layer falls off;
  • 2. When the radiant hot air value is 1550℉, the surface composite layer and coloring change, but the internal substrate does not change;
  • 3. When the radiant hot air value is 1650℉, the surface composite layer begins to coking;
  • 4, substrate, alkali free high-quality glass fiber textile yarn, melting temperature 1400℃;

Specification size:

  • Inner diameter: 8.0mm-80.00mm
  • Wall thickness: 0.5mm-4.00mm
  • Color: Black, other colors can be customized.