PPS braided sleeve

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The product is made of polythioether monofilament, which has strong corrosion resistance and high resistance

Temperature, low temperature resistance and other characteristics, widely used in the field of fire and high temperature resistance, mainly aviation

Aerospace, military, rail transit and other industries.

Technical data:

Operating range-70℃-+200℃
Melt point285±10℃
Standard colorBlack 
Cutting toolHot knife

Data sheet:

Nominal sizePart No.Expanded rangePacking
InchmmMin.IMax.Ostandard spool
1/8″3TY-003161000 m
1/4″6TY-00639500 m
5/16″8TY-008516350 m
3/8″10TY-010719350 m
1/2″12TY-012824300 m
5/8″15TY-0161027250 m
3/4″20TY-0191430200 m
1″25TY-0251835200 m
1 1/4″30TY-0322050150 m
1 1/2″40TY-0383060100 m
1 3/4″45TY-0453575100 m
2″50TY-0504080100 m
2 1/2″64TY-06445105100 m
3″76TY-07664120100 m

Unit: mm

1. Fold diameter refers to the flat width of the casing.
2. Network management has scalability, flat width tolerance is relatively large, for reference only.
3. Special packaging, special colors, etc., can be customized according to customer needs.
4. Product details please refer to the sample acknowledgement.