Nylon expandable sleeving

Nylon expandable sleeving

MaterialPolyamide 6.6

Operating range-60℃-+160℃


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TYE- PA braided sleeving is made of nylon 6.6 and offers excellent performance of abrasion resistance.
It maintains a high degree of flexibility and it can resists to many chemicals agents. Uniquely shaped monofilament provides smooth, soft, slick surface resisting snags when dragged over rough surface.

Technical data:

MaterialPolyamide 6.6
Operating range-60℃-+160℃
Melt point256±5℃
Standard colorBlack and grey
Cutting toolHot knife

Data sheet:

Nominal sizePart No.Expanded rangePacking
InchmmMin.IMax.Ostandard spool
1/8″3TY-003161000 m
1/4″6TY-00639500 m
5/16″8TY-008516350 m
3/8″10TY-010719350 m
1/2″12TY-012824300 m
5/8″15TY-0161027250 m
3/4″20TY-0191430200 m
1″25TY-0251835200 m
1 1/4″30TY-0322050150 m
1 1/2″40TY-0383060100 m
1 3/4″45TY-0453575100 m
2″50TY-0504080100 m
2 1/2″64TY-06445105100 m
3″76TY-07664120100 m

Unit: mm


1, nominal size indicates the flat width,

2,The part No.will be followed with BK,GR and so on to indicate the color of sleevding.

3,The sleeving has expandable character, the following sizes are covered by the nearest:16mm=15mm,19mm=20mm,


4,Special packages, sizes, and colors can be supplied upon request.

5,All numberical data are average or typical value,not including customized sizes.

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