Cable Tie Mount

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Used with cable ties to secure cables, wires, and hoses to walls, desks, ceilings, etc.
Adhesive holds base under continuous temperatures up to 125°
Attaches to clean and dry metal, plastic, glass, paper, and even painted surfaces
1) Material: Nylon 66 conforming to UL94 V-2. To match strong both-sided foam glue, with strong and durable glutinosity.
2) Usage: Make sure the target surface is smooth, clean and dry, then remove the protection on the adhesive and press the tie mount on the surface.

Item. No.Length x Width(mm)H(mm)T(mm)Screw Hole(mm)
TM-2020 × 206.152.9
TM-2525 ×
TM-3030 × 308.76.44.5
TM-4040 × 406.410.8/
AAM-119 × 194.64.4/
AAM-228 ×