automatic cable tie machine

automatic cable tie machine

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Machine features:
►Automation PLC touch screen control circuit, easy operation, good stability
►Bulk of nylon cable ties automatic feeding, eliminating the tedious process of manual discharge;
►Cable ties automatic wear locking and cut , saving time and effort, 1800pcs / hour, at least four times more efficiency;
►Wide adaptation, can tie various linear or circular shape products(diameter greater than 30MM) , perimeter of tying parts can be adapted from 3-50MM
►Digitally adjustable elastic Cable ties through touching screen, touch digital screen to adjust the end of  cable ties left.
►No need gas source.

Industry Applications:
This equipment is widely used in the wiring harness, cables, electronics, toys, gifts, food and other industries, factories in large amount of binding is highly Pro ignorant, completely solve the low cable ties productivity, employment difficult problem.

Technical parameters:

Cut button length1-3mm
Truss enduranceLarger than 20N
Allowable toleranceBelow than 0.01
Processing speed1.3 seconds / piece input
Supply PowerTwo-phase 220V / 60HZ
Rated power100W
Scope of application60mm/80mm/100mm/120mm Nylon cable ties